Entrepreneurship is about living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't.


That really says it all.

I say, Entrepreneurship is the borderline of sane and insane. The sun, beach, fun, travelling, will come, after you have worked the crap out of yourself, going through hell, living in fear, and basically facing the worst situations that you can imagine.

Two years ago, I spoke in many different countries for about 40 consecutive weekends, teaching people how to make money on the internet and while it can make you money while you sleep, I also tell all my students that you need to first make money WHILE YOU ARE AWAKE! To get the gold, you need to first dig through the dirt before you can get the gold.

Based on my experience, there are 4 stages of X-preneurships. They are as follows:


IĀ get this question often about how I go about running my businesses. There are 4 important actions that I take for every business I get into. They are by no mean comprehensive but these are the 4 must do in my opinion when it comes to running your own business…

Clarity + Motivation = Power

Vince Tan


Procrastination has been the evil twin of Productivity for the longest time. This affects everyone as long as you are human. This is simply because humans tend to be lazy or just plain weak-willed. The more connected we are, the more distracted we become, as distraction is the major fuel for procrastination.

If The Odds Are Against You, You Are Probably Doing Something Right

Vince Tan

Welcome to my new revamp site where I will be sharing my thoughts, ideas and inspiration! This is long overdue and a lot that I always want to share via my blog. So now is the right time.